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Peaches will be minutes from my house on June 8th. She is playing at " Pappy and Harriet's Pioneertown Palace " . It is an outdoor show at 8 pm and it is 20 dollars. Mike Watson is supposed to be there. I need to call Mike back. Egh Phones. I'll probably go by myself since it is so close. Are any of you going?
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I just went to Orange county and Disneyland last week on the 24th.

Valor and I are leaving tonight to go BACK agian because tomorrow is Bats Day.

I tried to bleach my skin with lemons twice today and ended up breaking out in red spots. I should have been more patient.
If they do not clear up tomorrow I will not go.

Also my mother is on disability leave. SHe always gets us in but were not sure if they will allow it. If all goes smoothly, we'll get in.
In that case if anyone is there keep a lookout for us.

My sister who is short and dark will be wearing a bright red lolita dress that my mother made recently.

I am uncertian as to if I will be wearing the dark blue velvet/white lace dress and matching hat. I wore it on NOvembers Bats Day but did not show up till 6 pm so none of you have seen the dress because I didnt see ANYONE i knew.
If not i'll wear silver/black. With my pointy and extremly painfull bat buckle boots. Perhaps I should bring backup shoes ?
I really wish Eden was going, that would be nice. Most likely he is working and i think he hates Disneyland anyways.

Whenever I go to Bats day with just my sister instead of going with freinds, I never go to the Meet ups or pictures beign taken.

Honestly all those multiple picture sessions and meet ups are kind of rediculous to me anyways. Most of you people are paying 71 dollars to get in and then all that crappy expewnsive food.
WHy waste your time on multiple pictures and meet ups? Go on the rides!

Most of those pictures are crap and I cannot even tell who is who. Except for the haunted mansion pictures. You can kind of point people out.

Anyways...that is all on that subject.
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For those friends of mine who enjoy reading Poetry , Jesse's book was published and is now available at several websites . I'll post a link here for Barnes and Noble. Looks like a few people already purchased it. I announced his book being published on my space bullitins, but how many people read all of those anyways.
Here is the Link:
Or , for those of my friends in the UKif you live in the UK :

Jesse has a 7 year contract with these people and is finished with his second book and curently working on his 3rd.
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The initial shock of the last few days hurt. I refuse to cope with my feelings in a negative mannner such as drinking, self infliction of pain, or losing myself in "what may happen".
So I have decided to get out old scraps of this fasbric and that fabric and once agian regain myself physically to who I once was.
Starting with that 80 dollar coffin purse I had been drooling over. Jesse wanted me to order him a few CDs and I thought to myself:
Wait a second!!
I never buy myself anything anymore, not even at thrift stores.
The last time I bought something for myself was some hair dye.
Big Deal.
Hair dye should be a Regualr maintenance product. Not a priveledge!
So because Jesse hands over his paycheck and I take care of the finances, I decided to let him wait on his CDs and bought myself that coffin.
It arrived yesterday while he was on his lunch break and lucky for me he was not angry. He was glad to see me happy.
Its really fun!! From one side view it looks almost like a toolbox, but the front and back have a coffin shape with phantom like cross shapes you can barely see. The thing is silver. Chrome silver that you can use ass a mirror if needed. And its OLD. The original purchaser bought it 15 years ago . SO i am happy for now.
I put some clothing on my dress form and decided to get working on outfits agian. Or at least draw them up and inspire myself.
What I dress like or how he thinks of it no longer matters. I now have to do what I enjoy and better my emotions.Being creative and feeling fabulous is one way of doing just that.
Last night Jesse and I ran into Johnny at the Food 4 Stamps ((thanks Karla for the funny Food4Less nickname)). He was on his Bike. I'd like to take a ride on that bike. My father had a motorcycle too. I was about 4 or 5 when I rode on it...I have not been on one since. So i gave Johnny our phone number and hopefully he calls sometime. I used to work with Johnny at the beatnick and he had my style of humour.I used to enjoy going into work when he would be there. He is the guy who bought me my 1st tattoo. You can trust him too because he's been celibate for 5 years, maybe more.He also does not smoke or drink.
Yeah, I just have to be positive about my situation. What can I do?
I also think of the past and say to myself that I survived through the Leo ordeal...and If i lived through THAT...I can take this on.
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So today I am going to have the fun of taking Valor to the store to get items for dinner. Normally I would wait till Jesse came home and then he would watch Captian Crabby while I go shopping. Tonight I am making steamed filled buns, veg. chop suey and fried rice. The buns are going to take the longest and Jesse likes to not have to wait too long when he gets home from work to eat his food. He better like it! I get aggitated when Iwork all day on some meal and he says it is too exotic, or I did not make it exactly like his mothers.
It is a lovely day up here. All Hazy Fantazy- so it is a perfect day for an outing. That damn sky demon is wearing a white veil today. YAY!!
I was craving wine last night. I was thinking how delicious some merlot would be. I cannot! I'll just end up drinking the whole bottle if I even taste it.
I've been watching homestar runner cartoons from netflix.Most of them are beyond stupid. I guess the only one I wanted to see was " A Jorbe Well Done". Some of them were mildly amusing, but others mostly irritating. Jesse and i watched "Idiocracy" agian, and it was funnier then the 1st time around. The last time I watched it I was probably high so there are parts now I never noticed before and it seemed funnier.
As soon as my shirt dries I can leave. I was all dressed and Valor spit up all over my sleeve. Gross!
I love having a washer and dryer...It is so conveinant.
Yesterday I took the broken stereo's speakers and unscrewed the record player and hooked up the speakers. It was tedious and irritating but well worth it because now our records sound really great.Now That little wussy record player really makes some noise. I showed Jesse and he was all happy about it.
I moved my living room furniture around too .
Hmmm we have lived here since december so that is pretty good. I usually move things around more often then that maybe every couple of months. I am going to move my bed next. The location of it is bothering me. I really dont like it facing the door. If some killer comes barging in with a big bloody knife I dont want to be looking right at him.I think I can make the room look bigger If I turn the bed.
I am one of those people that obsesses over where things are placed. I'm always fantasising about ripping things out of the walls and moving them to a new spot. When I win the lottery I will do just that. SUre I could just buy a new house but how will that be satisfying? I would move away and be like "DAMN! I should have moved that stuff!!!" and be haunted by it for years to come.
There is something unsettling in the aire today.
Maybe it is because the howling wind and then my front door just opened. Good thing I have that metal sec. door so the cats cannot get out- and the guy with the bloody knife cannot get in. ha ha ha ha.
Unless I forgot to lock it.
There goes my imagination!!! I better go lock it before I frighten myself and cannot leave the room.
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This is a silly video done 3 years ago.It was done on my cheap camera so do not expect high quality and good lighting. It took me more then an hour to upload because of this dial up and slow computor. Come on! What else are you going to do?
Sure its a waste of your time but it is only 30 seconds. Go look at it please.

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Yes people unfortunatly i still roam the earth, or at least the hi-desert area.

It has been months without an update and nothing really has changed. I do not have a computor or phone at home(yet) to socialize with you people.

Jesse just got a new job at the northridge animal clinic, he only gets 1 day off a week, but it is nice that his job is full time. He wil be going in for classes to be a pharmacy technician and be working at the animal hospital as well. He said it will only takes 9 months if he does well, and with that kind of job you can basically move anywhere. Which is wonderfull.

By the time i got into to see the doctor, because i have no insurance and we have only 1 doctor here for Baby Crap i found out i was further along then i had guessed. No abortion for that reason and also the fact that Jesse had decided that abortions are wrong.
I really do not talk to my family about the pregnancy because even though it is on my mind almost 24/7 i do not want to become one of those people who is " baby this and baby that".


I only talk about it when my mother brings it up (which is allll the time) or anyone else.

Jesse and i are in constant disagreement about this parasite situation. He now wants it and keeps coming up with all kinds of names and i tell him to quit ,that we cannot keep it because of finances and our living space. But his mother and my mother both think this is some kind of jolly happy thing.

So i am on the comp because i am down here in orange county visiting. Everything is fine at home i just needed to get out. After all without cable,transportation,phone or internet i get pretty damn stir crazy. If i was not living in hell i'd be able to go outside and enjoy the nature. Had there been any nature besides Joshua Trees, and Meth addicts.

Tomorrow is the 1st day opening of Haunted Mansion holiday at dismaland. MY brother mickail,his girlfreind,my sister, mom and i will be going.

The weather guys say it will rain, but how often is weather correct in orange county?
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Here is a Petition to sign if you read the Pets being used as bait Story:


And if you missed my 1st time post, here is the story agian. PLease sign the petition!

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